Bowman & Williams Staff

Joel Ricca

RCE 53588

Joel has been with Bowman & Williams since 1981. He achieved his Registration as a Civil Engineer in 1995, becoming a principal in the firm in 1998. His general project experience with Public and Educational Facilities projects includes Cabrillo College, City of Capitola, and Santa Cruz City Schools. His private sector experience ranges from Seascape Uplands to Habitat for Humanity. A native Californian, Joel has been a Santa Cruz County resident since 1981.

Benjamin Rylander

RCE 77954, QSD 26226

Ben has been with Bowman & Williams since 2015 and has Civil Design experience dating back to 2007. He achieved his registration as a Civil Engineer in 2010. His general project experience is in civil design for residential, commercial, industrial, and public projects, with emphasis on site grading and storm drainage, low impact design, erosion control, utilities, site layout, land development and retaining wall design. Early in his career, Ben assisted with topographic, flood, and boundary surveys as well as construction staking. Ben also worked on designs for rooftop visual screens and rooftop solar racking systems. A native Californian, Ben has been a Santa Cruz County resident since 1989.

Samantha Vrooman

RCE 85584, CalEMA 73300

Samantha has been with Bowman & Williams since 2017. Samantha is a Santa Cruz native with over 6 years of experience in structural and civil engineering. She graduated from Berkeley in 2011 and passed her PE exams in 2015. She is also a certified SAP-ATC20 evaluator under the CalEMA (Emergency Management Association). After working for a year designing rainwater harvesting tanks in Tanzania, Sam returned to California to work in the northern bay area. Above and beyond the standard civil or structural basics, Sam’s specialties include a deep understanding of the processes involved in taking residential civil projects from an idea to reality, and extensive experience in new design or repair of retaining walls. She also conducts seismic evaluation of structures, designs roadway repairs throughout the County, and focuses on clear client communication to expediate the project while maintaining quality deliverables.

Jeff Naess

RCE 42666, QSD 00531

Jeff has been with Bowman & Williams since 1985. He achieved his registration as a Civil Engineer in 1987, becoming a principal in the firm in 1989. His general project experience with Public and Educational Facilities includes projects for the University of California Santa Cruz, Pajaro Valley Unified School District, Scotts Valley Unified School District, County of Santa Cruz DPW, City of Santa Cruz, City of Scotts Valley, City of Watsonville, City of Seaside, Santa Cruz Port District, County of Santa Cruz Parks, Open Space & Cultural Services, City of Santa Cruz Parks Department, County of Santa Clara Parks & Recreation Department. His private sector experience includes designs for multi-unit townhouse & condominium developments, single family home subdivisions and single & mixed use commercial developments. A native Californian, Jeff has been a Santa Cruz County resident since 1967.

Bryan Happee

PLS 8229

Bryan has been employed with Bowman & Williams since 1993 and licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor since 2007. He obtained a BS degree in Civil Engineering from San Jose State University in 1995. In his tenure as a land surveyor, Bryan has gained experience in both field surveying and in office surveying tasks. Bryan is currently the director of surveying for B&W.

Bryan has been the Acting City Surveyor for the City of Santa Cruz since 2015, and consults with the City of Watsonville on issues related to the Subdivision Map Act. He has shown a commitment to performing work on time and on budget. He has continued to keep clients appraised on the status of the project and has developed a strong working relationship with his clients.

The types of surveys that have been performed by Bryan in the field as well as in the office include, construction staking, as-built surveys, ALTA (American Land Title Association) survey, boundary surveying, mean high tide line surveys, topographic surveying, GPS surveying, including static and RTK (real time kinematic), building and shoring monitoring surveying, and leveling. Bryan has performed work for home owners, as well as public agencies, school districts, and universities.

Donald Snyder

PLS 5513

Don has been with Bowman & Williams since 1963. He has worked both in the field and in the office, specializing in Boundary Surveying, Right of Way determination, ALTA Surveys, Topography, Boundary Control, Legal Descriptions, Construction Staking, Records of Surveys, GPS Surveys, FEMA elevation certifications, subdivisions, parcel maps and expert witness testimony for litigation involving property boundary disputes. Don retired from the company in 2005, but he prefers to stay active in his field, and the company hired him back as a part-time employee in 2007. He continues to lend his vast experience and knowledge to our team.

Kerri Brennan, Civil Engineer

RCE 89010 Kerri has been with Bowman & Williams since 2015. She obtained a BS in Civil Engineering in 2009 and a MS in Civil Engineering in 2013. She achieved her registration as a Civil Engineer in 2018. Her general project experience includes site layout, grading, storm water management, utilities, and erosion control. Kerri specializes in drainage and Stormwater Management design for projects within the Santa Cruz County, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County and Monterey County areas. Early in her career, Kerri assisted with water distribution and storage system designs, and worked on large scale municipal projects, including a smart metering program, an athletic complex and artificial turf field project, and Stormwater Management Planning for NPDES compliance.